For years I have been interested in the world of Entrepreneurship and Business, but as a young adult the path to personal success has been blurry. During these times of economic hardship opportunities may seem distant and impossible to achieve, but I will prove different. Most of my peers are taking the route of College into Life to jump start their future. However my personal view of College has shifted due to my beliefs of being a Business man over being an employee. Dismissing the thought of one day attending College would be very unwise. But the economic times that we face make me question whether loading on more debt for the hopes my desired Job wont be outsourced in 4 years, is a serious concern of mine. Looking at the success of other individuals, a College education is not the only path to success.

The purpose of this blog is to bring together individuals of all ages to enter the world of entrepreneurship, personal finance, and personal development.  I hope my blog will give a voice to all individuals interested in a more successful future. As a young adult my main objective Is to grab the attention of other young adults. Once the full scope of what is possible within the entrepreneurship field is seen, many will change their lives for true long term success.

  1. Awesome insights!! This is from a 65 year old person who has not only graduated from undergraduate school, and graduate school and completed all but dissertation ABD in a doctoral program. Even though I spent close to 35 years in some of the top hospital and public health systems in the United States, I am real clear at this point in my life that what Josh has shared here is absolutely and well on target. I recommend everyone inspiring to create the life they truly desire to at least consider the thoughts being considered here. Oscar Carter (212) 316-2271. http://www.oscarcarter.com

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