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Increase your Financial IQ!

In today’s society many people find themselves working longer and harder to be broke. Even after clocking in 40 hours a week at work, the earned income is not fulfilling. To make up for the shortfalls in bills and entertainment, we place ourselves in debt.  It has become apparent that, most of society lacks a strong financial IQ. This can easily be seen through our current economic times. Since President Nixon ended the convertibility between U.S. dollars and Gold in 1971,the U.S currency continues to become worthless. Ninety Five percent of the U.S dollars value has been lost. Many Americans continue to save, without realizing that inflation is destroying their savings. If we as individuals all took the time to increase our financial IQ, many of the problems we face today, would be solved tomorrow.

Personal Finan…

Personal Finance

Personal finance is one of the many essentials needed to fully take charge of your life. As an upcoming entrepreneur, knowing how to balance your money is important for your long term success. If you hold onto your beliefs of spending money unnecessarily and unwisely, when your income increases you wont have the proper knowledge to put your money to work. The basics to effective personal finance management include assessing your income and expenses. Setting short and long term goals for savings and investments. Creating a detailed plan for what will be done to achieve your financial goals. Executing the necessary steps to achieve your goals for your finances and consistently reviewing your financial status to ensure your on the correct path. Diligently following the steps above will place you in a better position to fully grasp and control your finances.