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You NEED a Mentor for success!

Through reading and constantly studying, I have learned that mentorship is one of the vital components to achieving success. Having a mentor to help guide an individual to success will automatically eliminate many other mistakes that an individual would make when on their journey. In business and entrepreneurship mistakes are common and will occur often. Having a mentor will greatly decrease the likely hood of the most common mistakes occurring.


The importance of having a mentor is easy to realize and understand. However, the process of finding a mentor may seem challenging. With the never ending opportunities within the internet and social media, finding a knowledgeable mentor is easier then ever.

The easiest way to find a mentor would be to look within your own circle of influences. Asking friends and family for references to individuals they know personally who are successful is a quick way to start your search. This strategy is also on a personal level, so some form of trust will already exist between you and your possible mentor.


With the easy access of the internet, the opportunity to connect with individuals globally has never been easier. Information and experience has never been more easily accessible then how it is now. The chance to pursue success has never been more abundant and available. If a mentor can not be found through personal references, the internet is freely open to all. Real estate is one of my methods I am personally researching to become financially free. Real estate gurus such as Donald Trump and Robert Kiyoaski provide tons of information for people to get started in real estate. Within any and every industry, successful people exist. Following in their guidance will ensure some level of personal success.  If you truly desire to be successful, you will find a way to achieve your dreams.

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Program Yourself for Success

Differences between the Rich and Poor.

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1. Rich people believe that they create their lives while poor people believe that life happens to them.

2. Rich people play the money game to win but poor people play the money game just not to lose money.

3. Rich people think and focus on opportunities while poor people focus on obstacles.

4. Rich people dare to dream big, poor people think small.

5. Rich people are committed to their dreams, poor people are just dreaming about their dreams.

6. Rich people associate with rich and successful people. Poor people will associate with poor people.

7. Rich people are good learners while poor people think that they have learned everything in the world.

Rocky Balboa’s words of encouragement

Change your mentality achieve success!

For to long, our society has been plagued by harmful thinking. It seems that one way or another most average Americans have been infected with the mentality of entitlements. This can be seen through our generations lack of action to succeed and do more within themselves. I’ve personally noticed within my former mentality and the mentality of past friends that their attitude towards life, was that we deserved something for whatever unworthy personal reason. As I begin to grow more and see the world from a different angle. I’ve come to fully understand that nothing will be handed to me. If I put in the average amount of time into something, I will receive an average return on investment. That same principle applies to school, work, business, money, relationships, and everything else associated with life. In order to move forward in life and towards success we must come to terms with who we are. We must accept all past experiences and accept them for what they were. When we begin to see how are present ideals are harmful to our over well being, we will change our negative thoughts into positive thoughts.Those positive thoughts will then turn into positive actions. When you create positive actions with positive energy you create positive results. The more results you see the more you will work to achieving your goal. Join me and take that first step to changing your mentality to becoming a success.

Day (167) – Wanna Be…Me

Day (167) – Wanna Be…Me.

The idea of fearlessness and courage displayed in this post is amazing. The same attitude and drive should be applied in every aspect of our lives to achieve full greatness. Everyday a new opportunity is waiting to be discovered, seize the moment and chase your dreams!